Maintenance tips

Please review the tips below.  

We are here for you, call us at 912-925-9925.


HVAC: Not cooling or heating

No Heat? New Tenants: Make sure you’ve connected your gas services!

Heat Pumps in extreme cold may require setting the thermostat to “emergency heat”.

Check to ensure all air filters have been changed on a monthly basis.

Check breaker panel box.

If breaker has tripped and is in the “off” position, flip breaker to “on”.

Try resetting the breaker by flipping it off. Wait 1-2 minutes. Flip back to “on” to attempt resetting the system.

Check the furnace pilot light.

Check all floor or ceiling vents to ensure they are open and not blocked by furniture, etc.

If the pan under the air handler contains water, the drain is clogged.  Call the office at 912-925-9925.

NO WATER: (Hot or Cold)

New Tenants: Make sure you’ve connected your gas and water services!

For no hot water, check the water heater circuit breaker or pilot light.

TOILETS: Clogged or flush ‘slow’

Try plunging the toilet to clear clog.

If unable to clear clog, turn water supply “off” by turning valve clockwise. Refrain from use until repaired.

LEAKY FAUCETS: (Kitchen or Bathroom)

For Single Swivel Faucet, ensure handle is facing forward

For Dual Faucet, ensure both handles are turned to the extreme “off” position.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Does not power “on”

Check wall switches next to faucet.

Check reset button in cabinet underneath sink on base of garbage disposal

Check breaker panel box.

Carefully check for any foreign objects that may have fallen into the drain. (Do not turn on while your hand or any object is in the disposal).

DISHWASHER: Does not power “on”

Check wall switches closest to dishwasher (unusual).

Check breaker panel box.

REFRIGERATOR: Not powering “on”, dispensing ice or staying cold

Check the plug connection to ensure fridge is plugged in.

Check icemaker lever to ensure it is in the “on”/ down position. Remove any excess ice from the interior ice dispenser/ice bucket.

Check temperature level in freezer or fridge.

Check breaker panel box.

DRYER: Not drying clothes

Check lint traps. Remove lint after each load of drying to prevent build-up/dryer ducts clogging.

Check hose in rear of dryer for kinks.

Check the plug connection to ensure dryer is plugged in.

WASHER: Not powering “on”, washing clothes, spinning properly or making knocking noise

Check washing machine’s connection making sure it is plugged in.

Avoid over-loading machine.

Check hoses at back of washer.

Check for any foreign objects stuck in washer barrel.

Check to make sure washer is level.

Stop washing cycle. Open lid. Evenly disperse clothes.

GARAGE DOOR: Not opening/closing properly

Check for foreign objects blocking the sensor/wires.

Check batteries in remotes

Check breaker panel box.

BATHROOM: Steaming excessively

Turn on the vent fan.

Open the window.

 DEADBOLT: Difficult to lock  

Close the door and lock the deadbolt first, it may be necessary to pull the knob or push slightly